Style Party! June 22, 3 pm - 7 pm at the gallery. Excitement is building!

Julie Cunningham: earthenware
Carolyn Judson: sculpture 
Nan Kilbourn-Tara: pottery/ tiles
Harold Roberts: stoneware
Monty Smith: ceramic sculpture 
Janice Wright: pottery/tiles


Peter Asselyn: turned wood

Don Best: whimsical wood sculpture

Jeff Enck: turned wood vessels
Mark Irving: turned wood boxes
Jack Lilley: turned vessels
Wayne Robbins: handcarved birds, whales


Steve Burns: cast bronze sculpture
Colby Coombs: ​note cards
Debra Glick: ​note cards
Joyanna Margo: note cards
Nancy MarstallerUkrainian-style eggs, prayer flags & prints
Susan Perrine: ​note cards and more
Monty Smith: cast bronze sculpture

Sandy Thompson: ​note cards
Valerie Upham: ​note cards
Whiting: hand made knives


Suzanne Anderson: enameled jewelry
Judy Barker: sterling silver and 22 k gold jewelry
Pamela Bosco- fine jewelry

Barbara Burns: mixed-media jewelry
Steve Burns: sterling and fine silver jewelry
Rachael Flaherty: jewelry
Jackie Haines: jewelry
Stephanie Sersich: glass jewelry
Bishoff & Syron: polymer jewelry
Emma Tallack: jewelry
Melanie West: polymer jewelry and sculpture


Sam Lawrence: ornaments, coasters, vessels
Richard MacDonald: stained glass
Stephanie Sersich: glass jewelry


Susan Barnestraveler dolls
Kathleen Bird: Contemporary hand hooked landscapes

Barbara Burns: fine tapestry weaving and fine wearables
Stephanie Crossman: tiny netted sculptures
Judith Daniels: felted pins, vessels and wearables
Gnykol: Art To Wear
Sara Hotchkiss: handwoven rag rugs
Emi Ito: woven scarves
Janice Jones: handwoven clothing and linens
Nancy Marstaller: printed fiber art
​Jody Meredith: boiled wool wearables
Susan Mills: felted objects
Charlotte Moore: felt clothing, rugs, and artworks
Ange Bonhen Mohorakeye- African style coiled baskets and bowls
Sara Palumbo: felted objects
Recast:  handmade wearables from reclaimed and repurposed yarn
Lyla Ross
: fabric mixed media puppets
Kirsti Sandoy: felt wearables
Marianne Senechal: felted jewelry, creatures and wearables
Elizabeth Stoyko: hooked pillows
Melanie West: painted silk
Mary Williams: Silk and linen botanical printed scarves 

Our Artists

Susan Mills