About Us

Judith Barker, partner (Jewelry)

A Maine native, Judith has been designing and making jewelry since the mid-70s. It is still fun and there is more to explore! Movement and gentle sound are elegant qualities in Judith's pieces. Working in silver and golds, the common themes are textureand line that reflect her love of nature... bark, lichens, shoreline rocks, the interaction of natural surfaces.

See Judith'swebsite for more photos and information about her work. To contact Judith, click here

Nan Kilbourn-Tara, partner (Clay)

Making pottery is at the center of Nan's life, sharing energy with family life since the 1970's when her children were born and she opened her first studio here in Maine. She currently works in terra cotta clay, producing decorative pottery that is excellent cooking and tableware.
She also make a line of stoneware pots, fired at high temperature in lustrous soda glazes as well as micaceous flameware.

Working in her studio, Mud Cove Pottery, on the New Meadows River, the landscape enriches her imagination and her time in the gardens suggests new forms, designs and colors. She hopes her pots become a part of your life's daily rituals and traditions, enriching simple pleasures. Perhaps she will leave her marking.

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Susan Mills, manager (Felted objects)

We don't know what we would do without Susan Mills. She an extraordinary artist whose work evokes other worlds as well as a deep connection to the earth. AND she is an exceptionally welcoming presence at the gallery, the person who keeps it all intact. To see Susan's creative work,click here. Tocontact Susan, click here.

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